Come play and learn in our home daycare

Daily Fun

Additional Information

Making sure  the children in  our  care  are  having  fun  and learning   while in  a safe  environment  is our  main goal.  We are  always  coming  up  with  new and  fun  things  to  do.  Below  is  a  basic  schedule.

6am  our  doors  open (any  children  that come  this early  usually go back  to  sleep)

8am-8:30am  we have  breakfast  (Any  children that come  after this  should  already  have  eaten  breakfast)

8:30am-9am  free  play

9am-9:30am  learning/circle  time

9:30am-10:15am  free play

10:15am-10:30am  table  time

10:30am-11am  free play

11am-12pm  lunch  time  (kids  are  encouraged  to  help  get ready  and  clean up  before  and  after  lunch)

12pm-3pm  nap/quiet  time  (those  that do  not  nap  have  a  short rest  time  and  then  find a  quiet  activity like reading,  puzzles,  crafts,  Barbies,  etc)

3pm-6pm  children  get  up from  nap,  diapers  changed,  snack  time,  and  free  time until  parents  come  to  pick  up.