No two children are alike so it is important to us to take the time from the very beginning to get to know each little one and who they are. That way we can do our best to help them learn and grow. Our philosophy on running our daycare is based on our 4 pillars.



Knowing that all  children  are unique,  we know  that  they  don‘t  learn  in  the  same  way. We strive to  make  learning  fun  so that  they grow up eager to  continue  learning  as they move on  to  school. We don‘t believe  in  pushing children  to  learn  things by a certain  age,  when they are  ready  they will  pick  up  on  the  skills they  need.  We  incorporate  learning  into  daily activities  and are  always looking  for new  fun  activities  to  help  them learn  while having  fun.


One  thing  that is  very  important  to us  is  having  good  manners. We  work  every  day on  please  and  thank you,  sharing,  table manners,  cleaning  up  after yourself and  kindness.  Even for those that are  too small  to be  able  to  talk,  we  practive manners  in  front  of  them  to teach  by  example.  At meal time  each  child  is  responsible  for  bringing  their  own  dishes to  the  sink. It’s so cute  to  see  even  the littlest ones  want  to  copy the  older  kids  and bring in  their dishes.  When a  conflict does  occur  with  the  children,  we get down on  their  level  and  talk things  through.  If a  time out  is necessary we  always follow  it  up  with  a  talk  about why  they  had the  time out and  what  could  be  done differently next  time. And  we  always  apologize.  


Who doesn’t want  to  have fun?  Certainly not kids!  Our home  is  full  of  toys, games,  books, crafts,  and  so much  more.  We live on over 2 acres of Fun Fun Fun!  We  have  lots  to do outside  as  well,  riding  toys,  water  and  sand  toys, kiddie pool,  sprinkler,  big blow up  waterslide,  climbing  toys,  swingset, bubbles  and chalk,  etc. Our goal  is  to  provide a  safe  and  fun  environment  for  the  kiddos  to  grow  and learn.  Our  home is  childproofed with  two loving  adults  always in the home.  


Healthy  eating  can be  fun  and  delicious! As  a  family  we  feel  it is  important to  eat healthy  and  we  carry  that  over  into SweetPeas. The children can  be  picky  so  we  do  our  best  to  incorporate fresh  fruits  and veggies daily  and limit  sugar.  We  do  not  give  sugary  treats daily  but  for birthdays  or  holiday  parties we do have  special treats.  Parents are also  free  to  send  birthday  treats.  We  provide breakfast, lunch,  and snack  daIly.