Rates and Hours


Daily-  $40  (up to  10  hour  day,  anything thing over  10  hours  is  an  additional $5  per  hour,  per  child)

Hourly- $10  (drop in,  partial  days,  date  nights)

Overnight-  $50  for first  child,  $10  each  additional  child.  Overnight  hours  are from  5pm-9am  the  next morning.  Anything  over that  will  become  the  hourlt hourly rate.

Sibling  discounts  are offered as  well  for  full  time families  (4-5  days per  week).


Payements are  to  be  made by  pick  up  at the  end  of  each  week.  

To make  payments  we use  a  free  app.  If  for  any  reason  you  do  not  wish to  use  this  app,  we  will  ask  that  you pay  cash.  

Days we are closed

The following holidays we  will  be closed.  These are  also  unpaid  days.

New  Years  Day

Memorial  Day

July  4th

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Friday  after  Thanksgiving

Christmas  Eve

Christmas  Day

Day  after  Christmas

All  other  days  we  are  open  for  regular  business  hours.  When  the time  comes  where  we  go  on  vacation  or have  to  close  for  any  reason  we will be  sure  to  give  at  least  two  weeks  notice  unless  there  is an emergency.  Any  days  that  we  are  closed  will  be  unpaid.

Free days

Each  full  time  family  will  have  5  unpaid  days  off  per year.  This  means  you  have  5 days per  year where  you  don‘t  bring  your  child in  and  you  don‘t  have  to pay.  They can be  used  all  at  once  or  spread out.  We  appreciate  as  much  notice  as  possible  for  planned  days off.  After  these  5  unpaid  days are  used, any  day your child is  absent  will  be  charged  at the  regular rate. 

If  you  are  on  a  teachers  schedule  you  will  be  given summer  off  unpaid.  However, summer  will  be  the  only unpaid  time off.  Any  other  days  we  are  open  that  you  take  off  will  still  be paid.  Examples  would  be  Christmas  break,  Spring  break,  snow  days,  etc.